Nepal Visa Information


All foreigners require a visa for entry into Nepal (except for Indian nationals). It is your responsibility to obtain the entry visa. Visa can be obtained from the Nepalese embassy in your home country prior to travel or at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu upon arrival and various borders entry point to Nepal. To make your visa process easier and faster upon arrival, please bring 3 or more passport-sized photograph (one for immigration and others might require for some permits during your trips in Nepal) and also bring cash USD for hassle free visa fee payment. Visa form is available at Airport or handover to you while you are on flight to Kathmandu.
Below are the visa fee details.

Visa Validity           Fee
15 Days                 USD 25
30 Days                 USD 40
90 Days                 USD 100
For further details please visit Nepal government immigration official website.

You will need a passport with minimum 6 months validity at the completion of the trip. If you don’t have a passport, apply for one in good time. If you do have a passport, check the expiry date. To secure your booking and avoid incurring additional charges, you must provide information on your booking form precisely as per the information in your passport.

Tibet Travel Permit
You can obtain Tibet Travel Permit for your tour in Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. We will arrange your permit prior to your arrival to Kathmandu. Please take note that Chinese government may close their border any time without prior notice, so please contact us for the best time to travel to Tibet to avoid border closures.